How to choose a heating system? “House. Apartment” recommends

The decision for buying a heating system is influenced by many different aspects – not only human lifestyles, but also tendency for resource saving and thinking in the long run. “House. Apartment 2017”, 19–22 October, will offer a wide range of heating systems, but meanwhile, you can decide, which one is the most suitable for you!

The heating system has to match your lifestyle! What is yours?

Pellet stoves – for hard-working housekeepers
Despite the fact that pellet stoves require a lot of time and attention, this is one of the most popular and economical types of heating in Latvia. You have, however, bear in mind, that the burner needs regular cleaning and you have to check the fuel bunker, so it is not getting clogged up. Moreover, a pellet stove should be thoroughly cleaned once in every three months. If you do not mind adding some chores to your routine, then the pellet stove is the most suitable solution!

Fireplaces – for diligent romantics
A fireplace will require more attention, but it is one of the most cost-effective heating options. However, it will need to be fired once a day at least. Therefore, this heating system will be ideal for those, who like to spend their time at home or whose routine allows regular heating. If this is the only source of heat at home and if you are a bigger fan of warmth than a romantic, then this will not be your right choice. Make sure that your joy for bright flames lasts as long as your home gets warm.

Heat pumps – for those, who love comfort and think green
Heat pumps are most often chosen by the owners of newly built houses or those, who are tired of taking care of a firewood or pellet stove. These are people who travel a lot and who value an opportunity to control heating remotely. “No less important is the fact that heat pumps are friendly to the environment, because they do not pollute the air. Maintenance should be considered only once a year, however, calling a qualified specialist,” tells Kristaps Vidzis from “silta-māja.lv.

Do not build castles in the air, assess your situation and available resources

There are heating systems, which you can add at any time, while others should be planned only in the design stage. Fireplaces, for example, can be installed in any house, if it is possible to build a chimney. Digna Nolberga, a heating equipment expert at Tulkivi points out that a fireplace should be planned during the design stage thus choosing the most effective location that will ensure heating as much space as possible. If you live in an apartment house, you have less options to choose from. Most often, an air conditioner having a space heating mode is enough to live through cold days until the heating season.

A miser pays twice – weigh your investment against long-term profitability!

One of the most economical options in the long run is a geothermal heat pump, but it is pricey and individual households can rarely afford it. Air-water heat pump is more cost-effective solution as it is cheaper than heating on main gas, liquefied gas, diesel fuel or electricity.

One is good, two is better! It is often better to combine two heating systems.

If you want to be more independent, install a fireplace!
It is a popular practice in Latvia – one type of a heating system is autonomous, but more expensive, the other is cheaper, but requires separate heating. One of the most popular assistant types of heating is a fireplace. It operates during power outages ensuring full independence. Nowadays, fireplaces are capable of maintaining heat for a longer time and heating up more space.

Change heating systems seasonally and save
Most of private houses feature pellet stoves, which can be combined with other types of heating. For example, heat pump boilers. “During the heating season, a pellet stove heats up a boiler, while in summer, a built-in heat pump can be used to heat up water thus reducing costs up to three and a half times,” explains Mareks Veļikodnijs from Panasonic.

The “House. Apartment” fair, 19–22 October, is a sought-after event for those, who build, repair or improve their living space and want to bring new colours, design, quality, comfort and ambience to their home interior and exterior.

Trade shows occurring simultaneously at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre:
International Real Estate Business and Investment Fair “Realty & Investment 2017” (www.realty-investment.lv)
International Power Industry, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure and Environment Technology Fair “Environment and Energy 2017” (www.bt1.lv/ee).
One ticket for all fairs!

Trade shows are held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Opening hours:
19-21 October 10.00-18.00
22 October 10.00-17.00

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Full ticket – EUR 6
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Children under 7 years of age – free entry
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 + 3) – EUR 13

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