My house is my castle! "House. Apartment" challenges modern housewives!

If good tools are worth gold for men, modern housewives know the value of good cleaning equipment, because these enthusiastic and thrifty ladies are ready for everything in the name of cleanliness and orderliness! If it is about you too, then come to “House. Apartment 2017” taking place from 19-22 October at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre and take part in the competition for modern housewives!
You will understand what is meant by "ready for everything", if you remember the popular British comedy "Keeping up Appearances" and the scene where Hyacinth Bucket (who insists her last name is pronounced as "Bouquet") arrives in a store, takes of her purse a lump of dough and unceremoniously rolls it out on her highly sought-after worktop.

Competition. Thrifty ladies play a special role at "House. Apartment 2017"!
The competition is open to all representatives of fair sex willing to win modern and sophisticated house-cleaning equipment worth € 160 from LEIFHEIT! The prize includes the Clean Twist Disc Mop floor cleaner with a rotary handle, window vacuum cleaner and easy folding and movable dryer rack. All you need to do is go to the LEIFHEIT stand, have your photo taken in a special modern housewife photo frame and upload it to the LEIFHEIT Latvija page on Facebook. The lucky winner will be determined by a raffle drawing and announced in the "House. Apartment" and LEIFHEIT Latvija Facebook pages on 23 October.

Do celebrities enjoy doing household chores?
A musician and television anchor Liene Šomase argues that she has no fear of household chores: "If somebody considers it a hard work, then cleaning up my house rather inspires me and brings joy. Moreover, I believe that living in a clean and well-maintained environment brings peace and love into the family."
Vita Baļčunaite, a television anchor and actress, has dual feelings: "On the one hand, I love a well-organized environment, on the other ? Life is made up of different comings and goings and being part of them sometimes is more important. Your place should be kept in order, but I find that a little creative disorder is even very pleasant, because it gives that feeling of cosiness."

A conductor Aira Birziņa says that she perceives home cleaning as a work to be done for her own well-being and adds laughing: "I have countless cloths for different chores, but I have forgotten what each of them was meant for!"

Come to the fair and win valuable prizes, which will make your daily chores much easier!

"House. Apartment”, 19-22 October, is a welcome event for all those who builds, repairs or improves their homes and want to bring new colours, design, quality, comfort and mood to the interior and exterior of the house.

The competition is held by LEIFHEIT, a manufacturer of quality household products.

“House. Apartment 2017” is occurring simultaneously with the International Real Estate Business and Investment Exhibition “Realty & Investment 2017” (www.realty-investment.lv) and the International Power Industry, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure and Environmental Technology Fair “Environment and Energy 2017” "(www.bt1.lv/ee). One ticket to visit all three events!

Tradeshow organiser: International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Opening hours:
19-21 October 10.00-18.00
22 October 10.00-17.00

Ticket prices:
Full ticket: EUR 6
For senior citizens, the disabled, students, schoolchildren ? EUR 4
Children under 7 years of age:  free entry
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 + 3) ? EUR 13

Buy tickets online: https://md2017.ticketforevent.com/ne

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