Want to take a renovation into your own hands? Here are six useful tips!

Before planning renovation, read six important tips gained from practical experience, then go to “House. Apartment 2017” to be held from 19?22 October at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre to look for the most suitable materials and meet knowledgeable masters.
Taking renovation into your own hands? It seems like a challenge! How easy or hard it can be in reality? Dainis Priednieks, an entrepreneur, who moved to the countryside 10 years ago and now can proudly call himself an experienced renovator, shares his experience and conclusions.

Home repairs are a big responsibility. Be prepared to make a lot of decisions!
Sometimes people believe that masters or designers will be those who take decisions. Dainis thinks that people are different and different people have different requirements ? Only you know what is best for you. "You have to ask for expert’s advice, but the ultimate responsibility is yours and yours alone. We contracted a designer for kitchen but, in the end, we did not implement anything of it. The project was beautiful, but we could not imagine living in this interior. It seemed too impractical," Dainis tells.

Doing repairs, do not miss theory!
Whether you plan to repair something on your own or hire a professional, you need to know the basic principles of construction and repairs. If you hire an expert, you will have to understand whether he does everything properly. "At first, things may look good, but after a couple of months, the corners of the tiles might come off or cracks might appear in a gypsum board. Then it will be too late." He has two authorities in the field of construction and repairs ? Juris Biršs and Juris Noviks (authors of several books and publications on construction works - ed.). Before concreting, tiling or any other repair works, Dainis always reads their tips. Sometimes he sources knowledge from video on Youtube, but in this case, one should be very critical to select the right source.

To be on the safe side, keep to manufacturer’s instructions
Dainis recommends getting information from manufacturers’ websites where technical documentation is available. Even if it seems that it is the same colour, instructions are worth reading. Dainis admits that different applications can vary in the application process. However, if you follow precisely, what is written in the instructions, you are more likely to get the result you expect.

There is no universal right solution
Dainis laughs that this message concerns not only repairs, but also relationships ? What will be the solution for you might not suit other person ? And adds that the outcome will be a compromise in any case: between ecology and durability, design and functionality, energy efficiency and breathing fresh air… The linseed oil, for example, is ecological, but this coating will have a shorter life. You can install something that delights your eyes, but it will be difficult to wipe dust from it. "You have to understand what you are ready to sacrifice, and do not be afraid to make mistakes! For example, we wanted more solid plastering, but did not want to use plasterboard. Therefore, we smoothed walls up with concrete. It took a lot of time, but the house will never soak and will be a bit more stable."

Do not hurry, plan a few steps forward
Often, we do not think ahead and do not allow the possibility that circumstances and needs may change after some time. Dainis brings forward the example when he had to make a groove for wiring in a mortared wall, because he had not carefully thought out the necessity of wiring in that particular place. Therefore, before taking any decision, think carefully about what the particular object will serve for and how durable it will be. If it needs to be changed, how this can be done? What will happen, if it soaks?

You should not always save money!
Nowadays, a level gauge may not appear precise ? A 90-degree angle may turn out a 93-degree angle. “Do not save money on materials, tools and power tools,” Dainis says, "It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive one, but if you plan to use the tool more than once, I recommend buying one of a good quality. To enjoy the repair process ? It’s more pleasant to work with quality materials and tools! "

"House. Apartment”, 19?22 October, is a welcome event for all those who builds, repairs or improves their homes and want to bring new colours, design, quality, comfort and mood to the interior and exterior of the house.

“House. Apartment 2017” is occurring simultaneously with the International Real Estate Business and Investment Exhibition “Realty & Investment 2017” (www.realty-investment.lv) and the International Power Industry, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure and Environmental Technology Fair “Environment and Energy 2017” "(www.bt1.lv/ee). One ticket to visit all three events!

Tradeshow organiser: International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Opening hours:
19-21 October 10.00-18.00
22 October 10.00-17.00

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Full ticket: EUR 6
For senior citizens, the disabled, students, schoolchildren ? EUR 4
Children under 7 years of age: free entry
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children or 1 + 3):  EUR 13

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