“Energia Neta” presents solutions for energy saving and cheapest heat

SIA “Energia Neta” will present absolutely new possibilities and solutions for energy saving and providing the cheapest heat. The company will share its experience and technologies to solve the problems of heat supply for various facilities.

Exhibitors will be offered unique in its segment products - Waste Water Recuperator and Air Tower. These products are novelties for the heat and cool supply market. They are developed by specialists of the company.

The Waste Water Recuperator allows to recover up to 80% of the recoverable heat energy. It is easy to operate and maintain, with a self-cleaning system, with a maintenance interval of 5 years, it is resistant to aggressive media containing mechanical impurities. The service life of the body frame and the operational life of the heat exchanger is 50 years.

The recuperator is applicable for swimming pools, SPA-complexes, laundries, apartment buildings, industrial washes, technological processes with liquids.

Air Tower - the industry’s best product by the ratio between radiation surface and the dimensions of the equipment. It works for return and receiving of heat even at an ambient temperature from -20° degrees Celsius. It can be applied in heating and hot water supply systems, central air conditioning, industrial cooling, recuperation of ventilation air.

SIA “Energia Neta” is a research and production company, whose main activity is the design, production and implementation of highly efficient and environmentally safe generation, distribution and energy conservation systems.

The office of the company is located in Riga.

Address: Dika street, 44, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004
Website: www.energianeta.com
Email: info@energianeta.com
Phone: +371 27 303 337