Solitary bee hive and insect hotel in Kipsala, invites you to manage your daily life wisely!

Why do insects and plants need their own home? You will be able to find out at the ‘Environment and Energy 2018’ fair, on 20 October, where the Latvian Fund for Nature will hold talks about nature - ‘Nature Talks’. Researchers will explain why you should build homes for microorganisms and how to do it correctly!

The Latvian Fund for Nature will offer an interactive exposition and three ‘Nature Talks’ - stories about how to create a home for nature within your own home: ‘Homes for microorganisms in a garden and a yard’, ‘Housing and Feeding’ and ‘A Natural Meadow - home to rare plants and birds’.

Insects are irreplaceable!
What is the importance of insects and other microorganisms in nature? If they didn’t exist, significant processes of nature simply would not happen, and one of the best-known roles of insects is pollination. Without the help of ‘small workers’, most plants would not be able to produce seeds and fruits successfully, and about 30% of flowering plants in Europe are pollinated directly by insects. Pollinators are bees, bumblebees, beetles, flies, butterflies and other insects. Ants do not only pollinate flowers, they also spread plant seeds, thus increasing the diversity of the environment. You’ll learn more about insects and microorganisms at the ‘Environment and Energy 2018’ fair, on 20 October at 12.00 pm on the Open Stage, Hall No. 1!

Manage your life wisely in nature!
Do you know what a solitary bee house looks like and the proper way to build an insect hotel? During the conversations, anyone who is interested will be able to learn about insects, animals and plants in the courtyard and in the nearby meadow, and the manufacture and installation of houses. The Latvian Ornithological Society will explain why it is important to provide nursery grounds for birds in winter and what should be on the birds’ menu.

Latvian Fund for Nature’s exposition at the "Environment and Energy 2018" fair will feature a variety of bird houses, feeders, solitary bee hives and insect hotels. It will be an interesting event for both adults and children, because everyone will be able to take part in the creation of an insect hotel. Particular attention will be devoted to natural meadows as a home for a huge variety of plant and bird species. Exhibition visitors will be able to get acquainted with the types of natural grasslands and the most suitable ways of managing them.

Researcher of insects and microorganisms Voldemārs Spunģis, head of the grassland project "GrassLIFE" implemented by the Latvian Fund for Nature Inga Račinska, and botanist Rūta Sniedze-Kretalova, will share their knowledge in the ‘Nature Talks’. ‘Nature Talks’ will be led by the journalist Sandra Kropa. The talks are financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation and the ‘GrassLIFE’ project funded by the European Union’s ‘LIFE’ Programme.

20 October ‘Nature Talks’ programme
12.00–12.45 ‘Homes for microorganisms in the garden and yard’
12.45–13.30 ‘Housing and feeding places for birds in winter’
15.00–15.45 ‘Natural Meadow - home for rare plants and birds’

Two exhibitions will take place in Kipsala on 19 to 21 October – ‘Environment and Energy 2018’ and ‘House. Apartment 2018’. Visitors will be able to learn the newest trends in energy efficiency, construction and real estate. Everything necessary for home decoration, insulation and improvement is offered!
Presentations and seminars on relevant industry topics will be held on open stages in both halls of the expo centre in Kipsala over the course of three days. Participants of the conference “Energy and climate challenges for Nordic and Baltic countries” from ‘Cleantech’ and Smart city cluster will discuss mobility trends and solutions to the problem of climate change. ‘FAN’ and ‘Grandeg’ will talk about compact heating solutions, whereas ‘Advangrid’ will present electric grid monitoring systems for companies. Meanwhile panel discussions on real estate will discuss the advantages of an apartment and house, management and ALTUM opportunities. The full programme can be found on the website: www.majaunvide.lv

Buy one ticket to both fairs, not only in ticket offices in Kipsala, but also on the internet: www.majaunvide.lv/buytickets.php

Opening hours:
19–20 October 10.00–19.00
21 October 10.00–17.00