Top quality wood wool panels from “Cewood”

“Cewood” will present panels from natural, environmentally friendly material that is harmless to human health and made of top quality wood wool.

Depending on the application, “Cewood” panels are divided into 3 groups: acoustic, design and construction panels.

The acoustic panels are an eco-friendly and harmless material that combines high fire resistance with good acoustic and heat insulation properties. Widely used in interior design of public and residential buildings, finishing of ceilings and walls.

“Cewood” construction panels are a natural material, friendly to the environment and health. Thanks to the natural raw material, panel structures create a pleasant microclimate, typical of an environment with natural wood finishing.

Design tiles allow creating expressive interior and exterior design solutions, while substantially improving interior acoustics. “Cewood” produces design tiles of various colours and shapes to meet architects’ wishes.