Best ways to raise a sunken floor ? “House. Apartment 2018”!

Have you spot the signs of subsidence? Seen unattractive cracks? If you know the cause, you can solve the problem! Foundation failure may occur due to the low bearing capacity of soil, defective construction work, the end of warranty period and other factors. Learn more about the construction of foundations and ways to strengthen them at “House. Apartment 2018”, 19-21 October.

“Cracks in the walls and floors indicate that the structure has been displaced or building has moved. In this case, you should immediately contact a specialist. The longer you wait, the greater is the damage to the building!” explains Romāns Reiners-Latiševs, a general manager of Uretek Baltic - a company that will advise the visitors of trade show on solutions to foundation failure and sinking floors.

The company Baumatik will introduce visitors to the driving of reinforced concrete piles with lightweight piling machinery. Everyone will have an opportunity to find out how to build foundation for residential, commercial buildings, garages, summer cottages, as well as for lanterns, reinforced slopes, e.g. embankments, or a plank-way. The company Lenmar will offer solutions to using fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) in reinforced concrete structures in building and other industries, masonry structures, river, lake, sea and port structures, pools, fountains, drainage and sewarage, and other systems and structures. Uretek, on its turn, will offer solutions to subsidence problems.

Causes of soil subsidence?
Soil subsidence may be caused by its low bearing capacity and bulk density, soil loss beneath buildings due to piping collapses or defective drainage system. Ground water can weaken underlying soil carrying away small particles. Sometimes subsidence is the result of poor quality foundation works done in hurry, lack of soil tests or even a malevolent act. “In one of new residential areas in Lithuania, for instance, subsidence was caused by the developer’s deliberate action - the soil beneath the buildings were strengthened with the EUR-pallets and tree stumps, which over time, began to decay,” tells Mr Reiners-Latiševs.

Consequences of the “building boom”
Many problems are encountered in the building erected during the so-called building boom, 2007-2008. There is also a demand for stabilising buildings erected in the period 2015-2016 as the end of the warranty period is approaching and the developers want to restore buildings without disturbing their customers.

No need to remove floor
To raise a sunken floor in a private house, usually, it is removed and then laid anew, which inevitably means removal of all furnishings and a search of temporary accommodation for all people living there. The Deep Injection, which utilizes the expansion properties of a mix of unique geopolymer resins, will increase the bearing capacity of inadequate foundation soils deep under buildings. This is a stable and long-lasting solution since adding just another new layer of concrete would not treat subsidence. Just the opposite, the weight added speeds up the sinking process and increases the costs of heating. Visit “House. Apartment 2018” and learn about the new floor raising method!

Raises even concrete floors
This non-vibration method can be applied even to stabilise soil under the concrete flooring in private houses, industrial buildings, warehousing or production complexes, agricultural buildings and even supermarkets with a massive flow of customers where enduring repairs would affect company’s economic activity. Mr Reiners-Latiševs tells that raising of a 500 square metres of supermarket flooring and stabilising soil beneath it takes just four nights without interrupting the day-to-day business activities.

From 19-21 October Kipsala International Exhibition Centre presents the “House. Apartment 2018” trade fair offering information on the latest trends and all about construction, repairs and interior design. The subsection “Realty & Investment 2018” will focus on the recent developments in this sector. The “Environment and Energy 2018” trade show, occurring simultaneously, will offer energy efficiency, infrastructure and environmental technology solutions for every household.

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19–20 October 10.00–19.00
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