The first self-driving vehicle without a steering wheel in Kipsala!

Self-driving cars are not just science fiction! Come and see it with your own eyes in “Environment and energy 2018”, 19–21 October, at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. Estonian specialists will present a self-driving car without a steering wheel, but researchers from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science will tell you how to put any car to a self-driving mode!

Why do we need self-driving cars? In the future, they will improve road safety, reduce harmful emissions to the environment and allow people to spend time in the car more reasonably. Krišjānis Nesenbergs, a researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI), assumes: "In the future, it’s likely that self-driving cars will first enter the freight and passenger transport sectors, as well as in the lives of those people who use their cars to drive to work and home on a fixed route."

The first self-driving car in Estonia!
Have you seen a car without a steering wheel? In the "Environment and Energy 2018" trade show, you will have an opportunity to see the first Estonian self-driving car Iseauto! It will be the vehicle’s first appearance outside Estonia. Premiered at the Opinion Festival in Paide on 10 August, the car developed by the specialists of Tallinn University of Technology and the company Silberauto will be presented in the Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 19–21 October. Do not miss the opportunity to see this unique vehicle in Latvia!

Iseauto is a self-driving car that has no steering wheel and no driver. It accommodates up to six persons and develops the speed 10-20 kmph. Interestingly, the Iseauto’s predecessor – the robot UKU – was developed at the Tallinn University of Technology 10 years ago! Over time, the robot UKU was equipped with a self-driving system and a series of test runs were carried out, also in winter to find out how the system responds in cold weather. The system is designed to be able to show various warning signals and to move safely. Therefore, the driving algorithms were thoroughly developed and special kinematic simulations performed.

The Estonian self-driving car is just the beginning, because the Tallinn University of Technology looks forward to building in its territory a smart city with smart infrastructure. Watch a video from Iseauto’s first public test drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0URhTZ2L4F4

From ordinary to outgoing
It turns out that it is possible to turn a regular car into a self-driving vehicle! EDI will showcase a vehicle equipped with a self-driving car / electric car technologies. "This car differs from an ordinary one with a fully computer-controlled steering, accelerating and braking system. The car is equipped with a stereoscope camera, radar, LiDAR, GPS, and provides the basic self-driving capability – to keep to the specified route," explains the EDI researcher Krišjānis Nesenbergs. The third prototype of this self-driving car will be showcased at "Environment and Energy 2018".

The car showcased is used to test and develop more efficient sensors, communication systems that will enable future cars to manoeuvre more efficiently and safely than the best drivers do. Unlike other self-driving cars in the world, EDI is developing solutions not for individual, but for cooperative driving. This means that several cars together form a driving plan, warn each other about the planned manoeuvres or dangers, thus improving manoeuvring performance. The solutions have already been tested in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, where self-driving prototypes try to cooperate and make complex manoeuvres on a road section.

"Environment and Energy 2018", 19–21 October, will present not only self-driving but also diversity of electric vehicles – scooters, bicycles and electric cabs – and take test rides! The trade show will also offer information on efficient use of energy resources, heating and environmental technology. The trade show "House. Apartment 2018 ", occurring simultaneously, will offer everything necessary for home renovation and improvement. In the section "Realty & Investment", real estate specialists will provide consultations on property purchase and the current developments in real estate business.

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Opening hours:
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21 October 10.00–17.00